Reinvent your home for less!
Redesign services give your space a new life with the things you already own!

Interior Redesign

Redesign is a practical approach to refreshing your space for little to no cost. The Harmonized Home will use what you already own, and with a bit of moving around and some elbow grease, will breathe new life into your tired home or business.

When we visit your home, we’ll evaluate your space. Our solutions will enhance and improve the functioning of your space, as well as giving you a new look for much less than a traditional Interior design consultant.

Any additional shopping help you may require can be worked into the redesign service. We often shop with or for our clients and can encourage you to make great choices for your space.

We’ll take into consideration:

  • architectural features of the room
  • the shape and uses of the room
  • ages and number of the people in the home (and how they use the space)
  • current problems you may have with the room
  • furniture arrangement
  • scale of items in the room and the room itself
  • finding a balance that leaves a harmonious feeling
  • texture and visual warmth
  • focal points, existing or needed