This list of fees for service is subject to change. Please call or email for a personalized quote for your specific project.

Initial Consultation


All full services begin with a “Mini-Consultation” as part of a working appointment.  During this appointment, which lasts from 1-3 hours, we’ll discuss your needs in depth, request a walk-through, take photos and measurements as needed as well as talk about your budget. A flat fee of $75 is due at the time of the consultation and is non-refundable should you decide to discontinue our services.

Full Service Options

We offer two full service options. These options incorporate the hands on tasks and nitty gritty work required to meet your Organizing, Redesign, or Staging needs. These services are billed at a flat rate so that the client has peace of mind in regard to the costs of a job. You’ll never be surprised by a final bill that is more than your initial proposal amount. You may request a half- day or (1) full- day service based on your budget or we will create a proposal for your job with our suggested service amount. These service options apply to Organizational work, Redesign work and Staging work. Some larger jobs may require more than one service selection, such as 1.5 days or 2 full days of service. 50% of your balance is due upon acceptance of your proposal. The remainder of your balance is due upon completion of the services.

  1. Half-day Service         $250 flat fee for between 4-5 hours of hands-on service
  2. Full-day Service          $450 flat fee for between 8-9 hours of hands-on service
  3. Additional full days receive 10% off each day.
  4. Individual hours are billed at $60/hour (If you need help for just an hour or 2)


DIY Consultation

$75 per space, flat fee.
$50 for each additional space.

If you prefer to tackle your project on your own, then a DIY consultation is a cost-effective option for the client who may be interested in only hearing ideas and recommendations for solutions to their clutter and organizing dilemmas. This on-site consultation may be just what you need to get motivated to tackle a project.  The average DIY consultation can last anywhere from one to three hours and depends on your specific needs. We will tour the home and assess what works and what doesn’t work in your areas of concern, then discuss and list some options and creative solutions to solve each problem.  The full amount is due at the time of the consultation.


DIY Add-on Plan

$75 per space, flat fee.
$50 for each additional space.

If you enjoy check-lists and need a more thorough approach, we can provide a formal add-on plan with a detailed step-by-step list for you to follow. This usually requires us to take measurements, make an inventory list, then work on the plan from our office. Within a week, you’ll have a plan in hand to follow through on completing your project. The full amount is due upon delivery of your plan.

With or without the Add-on plan, a DIY consultation will get you started in the right direction, provide you with the motivation to tackle your project and give you the tools to implement change.

Shopping Services


We offer several shopping service options. We can do your shopping for you and deliver your items to your door, or we can shop alongside you, in order to encourage you in your choices. Many clients have difficulty making shopping decisions and trusting their own instincts with purchases. In this case, a shopping advisor is a great option. Your shopping advisor will arrive at your house or place of business and drive you to the chosen destination. All gas and mileage within a 10 mile radius is included in the hourly rate. Driving that goes beyond a 10 mile radius of the client’s home or place of business is billed at $0.40/mile. Shopping services may be added to any other service or may be requested alone. If added to another service, the billing will be incorporated into your balance. If you request only the shopping service, the final amount will be due upon completion of the shopping trip. (An online map tool will be used for mileage estimates.)

Homework Assignments


These are things we don’t normally do, but CAN do if you feel you need the help. You can also save yourself quite a bit of money if you do them yourself. These things might be cleaning (after an organizational purging session), painting furniture, repairing/spackling holes in the wall, boxing up items for donation, dropping off donations and other various chores. If you need help but are unsure if we can perform a specific task, feel free to ask!


Cash, check and all major credit cards are accepted.

We are open to bartering and trading services. Don’t be shy, just ask!