Is clutter making daily tasks impossible?
Clear your space so you can live your life!

We like to think of organizing as the underlying framework of a well-run home or business. Having that framework in place does not mean your spaces will always be squeaky clean and tidy- it only means that you’ll be able to make them so much more quickly and efficiently! The framework is simply a well thought out system for keeping track of your things. We can help you achieve that end!
With our Full Organizing Service, you’ll have the support and guidance of The Harmonized Home from the start of your job to the end!
We’ll begin by assessing your needs and desires based on your budget. We’ll draw up a plan of action as well as an overall organizational framework and present it to you for your approval.
After you’ve approved your plan, we’ll have one or more purging sessions to tackle the clutter. We’ll then implement the new system. While your participation is crucial for the purging sessions, it’s less important for the system set-up. This step will include shopping, categorizing, labeling, containerizing, storing and the placement and presentation of all the items you’ve chosen to keep.
You may choose to follow this up with coaching sessions to help you maintain your systems and make any adjustments as needed.  Once everything has a home, maintaining it will be easier, but follow-ups are a great way to stay on top of ever-changing needs.  Remember, situations and needs will change over time, but having a good foundation in place will keep any future adjustments to the framework more manageable.
We welcome you to contact us by phone or email with any follow-up questions as needed.