A Whole New View

When our contractor texted me a photo of the room without the wall, I was so excited that I ran right over to see for myself! I knew that the overall design success of this renovation would hinge on the removal of this wall, but WOW, to have it actually DONE is amazing! You know when you have a vision of how great something will be, but then it ends up so much better than you could have imagined? Yup, that is exactly how this feels.

The way the light shines in from the Eastern facing side of the house (dining room) really alters the feel of the space.


That fireplace is going to be such a show stopper when it’s done!


I love being able to look through the whole main space at one time.


Our general contractor is such an treasure. I don’t even remember how I found him, only that after 3 months of interviewing about 6 different GCs, I was feeling pretty discouraged. But then I called Sam (after begging FB to send me more recommendations) and as soon as I walked through the house with him, I knew he was exactly the answer to the problem. Tidwell Reconstruction is a young company, with a long family history in restoration. They are truly a family business with great integrity. Exactly what we need for this project.

Since beginning this project, I’ve had the privilege of meeting many of Sam’s family members who work alongside him, as well as multiple awesome employees and subcontractors. I feel very confident in their ability to understand my vision and implement it. So, a shout out to all of the great guys on the job, making this place a home for my family!